At PQH we take into consideration the adverse economic conditions presently in Greece and with respect to the numerous financial obligations that everyone has, we have designed singular restructuring campaigns, each targeting different audiences. Such programmes may offer debtors:

  • Expanded duration
  • Adjustment of interest rate
  • Grace period with interest payment only
  • Period of reduced equal and/ or not installments
  • Transfer of capital (balloon)
  • Informal arrangements
  • Conditional off-balance interest write-off

With the scope of supporting debtors that fall under specific target categories, such as unemployed or persons with chronic health issues, PQH is willing to offer tailor-made solutions. The company’s retail servicing team is available and open to cooperation with each debtor individually in order to evaluate their capacity and willingness to repay their debt and mutually agree on the best possible solution for all parties.

Information concerning the company’s special programmes and campaigns targeting segments of the population are available either via the company website in Greek (link) or via the company’s retail team representatives.

Do not hesitate to contact our team and work with us to pursue the solution that best meets your profile.

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