Thinking about your career options?

PQH is home of experienced executives across different corporate grades, forming a dynamic group of professionals operating in a fast-growing sector covering a wide spectrum of economic and banking related sectors. As part of the company’s on-going effort to constantly enhance its human resources, PQH remains focused on the attraction of talented professionals, particularly those who wish to further develop their skillset and knowledge.

As the world of work changes fast across the globe, training and development are now of vital importance for PQH. In an attempt to be part of the solution and successfully address the growing needs nowadays facing companies and professionals, PQH has designed and offers a comprehensive, tailor-made training program to its employees across all grades. Via this programme, the company ensures access to, and knowledge of all necessary tools and skills respectively, while at the same time offers unique opportunities for personalised professional development.

PQH aims at constantly enriching its employees skillset and knowledge for the formation of a strong foundation based on which its main strategic goals can be successfully met.

Are you thinking about your career options?

If your professional experience and academic background is relevant with any of the following sectors:
  • NPL management;
  • Retail and corporate relationship management;
  • Special handling;
  • BI, data analytics & reporting;
  • Design and implementation of special restructuring campaigns;
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